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DAM Health Scorecard + Guide

How Healthy is Your DAM?

A recent study* found that when digital assets are easy to find, teams are happier. Organizations who utilize their DAM as a single source of truth see 41% more user satisfaction, compared to those that don’t.



Happy, productive team members don’t just appear out of thin air once a DAM system is purchased. It takes more than just technology to build, launch, scale, and run a DAM program that results in satisfied users. 

Use this free scorecard to:

✅ Identify where you're knocking it out of the park with your DAM

✅ Find out what areas need some DAM TLC

✅ Chart your course to a healthy DAM, happier users, and greater return on investment


* Brandfolder and Demand Metric, “The 2022 State of Digital Asset Management